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‘BEAST’ korean idol group were the new presenter of Thai seaweed snack, Taokaenoi. They’re arrived to Thailand in 13-14 january 2012 for their fanmeeting ‘Taokaenoi presents EXCLUSIVE FANMEETING B2ST AND B2UTY’. Before the show were begin in 6:PM of 14 jan. , a lot of Thai press include interviewed with 6 members of BEAST at Siam Kempinski hotel.


BEAST : Sa-was-dee krub(say hello in Thai) We are BEAST.


How about your new role, the new presenter of Taokaenoi?
Du Joon : We’re very prouded because this is our first CM ad in foreign countries and it’s Thai CM. So many location in this CM are beautiful and Thai staff are kindliness, they’re take care us all of the time. So behind this scene is so much fun.


In this evening(14 jan.) you will have the fanmeeting with Thai fans, please expound about that?
Yo Seob : We’re prepared a lot of special show for Thai fans but now it’s a secret. Please waiting awhile for see it on stage.



In 2011 BEAST was success especially you had the concerts in London, Sidney, America and Brazil. How about the feedback from those countries?
Jun Hyung : It’s good. Although we have the problem because of the different language but all of fans can sing our songs and cheers us.


What is the difference between Thai fans and the other countries fans?
Dong Woon : Nothing, all of BEAST fans are cute. They’re support us all of the time and  welcome us at their countries’ airports. Yesterday Thai fans were welcome us at the airport before 5:AM. Althought it’s so early but a lot of fans were there, they’re makes us very impressed.


Can you speaking Thai? Show us, please.
Yo Seob : “Tar-Sa-Rai, Tong-Tao-Kae-Noi” (Thai slogan in BEAST Taokaenoi’s CM.)



When your new single are coming?
Du Joon : In this 4 Febuary we will shows the first world tour at Seoul and we will shows our new single in that concert,too.


In your world tour concert schedule have Thailand, right?
Hyun Seung : Sure.


Finally, say something for Thai fans please.
Ki Kwang : We glad to come to Thailand again but please apologize for the delay coming. At first we will come to Thailand in 2011 but the flood postponed the plan. Now we are here and this evening we will present the special fanmeeting for Thai Fans, come to cheer us please. And please support our world tour called ‘Beautiful Show’ and our new single, too.


[Questions from Thai press]
(Music MThai’s question) Hyun Seung, How about the special unit called ‘Trouble Maker’? It’s so successful, right?
 Hyun Seung : Yes, it’s so successful and so much fun. Hyun A(4 Minute) and me were joint in this special unit. Our performance were perfect because we are the close friend and all of BEAST are support us.


Do you have the other role in this year such as the series?
Du Joon : No, because BEAST is preparing for our world tour and new album. Maybe we will have the series in next year.


Congratulation for 3 rewards from Golden Disk Awards, how are you feeling?
Yo Seob : We’re glad and impress, so we will show our best song, best album and best performance for BEAST’ fans. And in 2012 we try to get more than 3 rewards.



How about Ki Kwang’s leg injury?
Ki Kwang : I’m good, but can’t running or dancing now. I guess I’ll dance in our world tour in Febuary.


Today is Children’s Day in Thailand.(in every 2nd saturday of the year is Children’s Day in Thailand) What do you want to be when you were young?
Dong Woon : When I was young I want to be the scientist because I interested in human’s skin cells.
Du Joon : Soccer.
Yo Seob : When I was young I want to be the singer.
Jun Hyung : I love to performanced on stage since childhood, but I’m not sure it’s the singer.
Hyun Seung : I want to be chef because I’m enjoy to cooking. Now when we’re dormitory, I’m cook for BEAST’s member and wake them up for eating it.
Ki Kwang : When I was young I want to be the policeman.





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