SUPERSWEET Live presents Dirty Beaches 24 feb 2013

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SUPERSWEET Live presents Dirty Beaches 24 feb 2013 



SUPERSWEET Live! presents Dirty Beaches




First Show From Supersweet in 2013 present Dirty Beaches as a one-man band Alex Zhang Hungtai records the journey of his life through a project he names Dirty Beaches. That’s exactly how his music sounds and feels, but most importantly, it evokes an enigmatic quality of the old school cinema. Like SUPERSWEET, Alex mixes all the unlikely influences. Aesthetically, it’s Wong Kar-Wai meets David Lynch in the shape of a bad-assed James Dean. Musically, now as a three-piece, Alex takes us on a psychosis ride, dropping by the Wild West on a whisky-fueled night and gently melts down as the sun comes up. The highlight release being ‘Badlands’ (2011), the spirit of rockabilly has never shone this vividly as we await the new album ‘Drifters’ coming out this year followed by an instrumental ‘Love is the Devil’. 


February 24 SOL Space, Bangkok 8pm Tickets (with free beer) 600 Baht (advance) / 700 Baht (at the door) book tickets from 







This is the first of our “mini” series of 2013, it’s as intimate as live music can be so make sure you get your tickets soon before they run out. And if you’re friends with Pen-Ek Ratanaruang, please tell him to come down, Alex is a big fan!